Prospers Christian Magazine wants to thank you for enjoying this issue of Prospers Christian Magazine. In the Bible, (God’s Word) there are various scriptures that clearly state that it is the will of God for us to prosper (3John2), (Psalm 8:4-11) and (Joshua 1:8). One of the ways that we prosper is through giving and or serving. Prospers Christian Magazine is definitely fertile ground to sew on (Luke 6:38); what we give now affects our future. Our main goal at Prospers Christian Magazine is to spread God’s Word. You can also order by phone @ 281.229.3781 or on this website for just $19.95 per year for 6 issues. The magazine is readily available to reach those who need an inspiring Word and know that there is a God by reading the powerful moving testimonies, inspirational poems, words from Pastors, etc. We here at Prospers Christian Magazine pray for the prosperity of all Churches and advertisers who support the publication by placing ads with us. In doing so, we have also provided links on our website to link to our advertiser’s websites. This is just another avenue to insure the maximum amount of exposure for there businesses.